director † animator

about johnny.png

   Johnny got his first job in animation at 18 working for The Pokemon Company and still kind of knows how to draw Pikachu but not very well.

   He graduated with honors from Massachusetts College of Art and Design's Animation Program where he was trained in 2D hand drawn animation which he then quickly stopped doing because it takes so long and focused more on mixed media work. After graduating he was asked to teach at Mass Art, which he did for a year, before moving to Los Angeles.

   Here is a long run on sentence of companies he's worked for in no particular order. Audi, VICE, Nintendo, Netflix, Toyota, Capitol Records, Stoopid Buddy, Good Company, Prettybird, Blue Fang Games, The New England Aquarium,, and probably a few more that he's forgetting as he writes this.

   His work has been screened in film festivals in different countries which is cool like the Ottawa International Animation Festival and Zagreb Animation Festival in Croatia.

   He really loves NASA and professional wrestling. His favorite astronaut is Jim Lovell and his favorite wrestler is The Undertaker.

   Please hire me... I mean him.

Photo by Justin Gaar